Geeking the CODEMASH – JRuby

January 18, 2007

I was torn between this session and the TRAILS session but decided to attend JRuby. JRuby is a plugin to the eclipse IDE. It allows Ruby developers to access the vast Java libraries. Basically, Ruby code and/or .rb files can be read into Java. It also allows Java developers who are more comfortable coding in Ruby to integrate Ruby into their Java applications.

The main benefit for Java developers seems to be the use of a friendlier DSL in the comfort of the Java environment.

JRuby seems to be more beneficial to Ruby developers at this point because they are able to extend Ruby code by utilizing the full universe of the Java api.

It was also encouraging to see Ruby gaining “institutional” acceptance from Sun.


2 Responses to “Geeking the CODEMASH – JRuby”

  1. Nick Sieger Says:

    JRuby itself has nothing to do with eclipse — see

  2. chaiapodi Says:

    I appreciate the correction. No intentional misinformation intended.

    According to wikipedia:

    “JRuby is essentially the Ruby interpreter, except this version is written entirely in Java.”

    It can be embedded in a java application by placing the jruby.jar in the application CLASSPATH.

    JRuby is not linked to eclipse.

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