Geeking the CODEMASH::Keynote – Neal Ford

January 18, 2007

Today was day one of the CODEMASH conference.  I attended four sessions along with two keynotes:

Keynote – Neal Ford

Mr. Ford gave a lecture on the next step in the programming paradigm-domain specific languages (DSL).  The basic gist of the keynote was that since the beginning of programming we’ve been trying to get from the solution domain (i.e 1’s and 0’s) closer to the problem domain (business problem) in our code syntax.  Once the DSL becomes ubiquitous the techie will be able to communicate more fully with the business.  Mr. Ford suggested that the techie might even have a code review with the business.  This is only possible because the code is more expressive and contains the lexicon of the business unit.

He also talked about creating applications to configure the code in a GUI.

His talk was very interesting.  DSL’s do seem to be the future of software development.  Currently, I think this is a grassroots movement comprised of techies and designers.  I think techies and designers are excited about improved productivity and making coding less abstract.  A few of the difficulties are that these technologies are in the early stages of development and management has yet to see the concrete, low risk benefits it is seeking before utilization.  Once the technology matures and some working examples (possibly in the business 2.0 space)(…and highly scaled) are established I think these technologies will start to creep into the corporate setting.


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