Geeking the CODEMASH::Keynote – Scott Guthrie

January 19, 2007

The LINQ-Bridging the Object/Relational Divide keynote initialized day two of CODEMASH.

I entered this keynote with a bit of a positive bias toward Mr. Guthrie. While programming ASP.NET, Mr. Guthrie’s articles have been a tremendous benefit to me. On countless occasions, his insightful writing has been exactly what I needed to push forward with a difficult problem.

Mr. Guthrie did not disappoint. He gave an overview of Microsoft’s LINQ technology. This technology provides a single query syntax for querying multiple datasources. Some of the datasources mentioned were objects from other languages, relational databases, xml files, etc. Mr. Guthrie demonstrated data access on xml and a relational database. I was impressed with the ease which he was able to query the data. Complicated SQL queries became three or four lines of expressive query syntax. The underlying SQL was available for display. The results of the query were readily available from the IDE too (for immediate gratification).

He also spoke of the fast changing computing environment that is no longer bound to Moore’s law. Future computing will depend less on faster processors and more on numerous cores to power the machine. Developers will need to design software that harnesses the power of a multiple threads by breaking the work into individual components of work.

One item that was not discussed was how stored procedures fit into the LINQ system. The demonstrations focused on embedding the SQL. This brings up questions about query optimization.


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