Geeking the CODEMASH::Highlights of Day Two

January 20, 2007

Let NHibernate Be Your Data Layer – Dave Donaldson

NHibernate is very similar if not the same as Hibernate. Dave Donaldson introduced a unique way to implement NHibernate with what he called an NHibernate Repository. I will research this in the future.

Tips and Tricks for ASP.NET 2.o and ASP.NET AJAX – Scott Guthrie

Mr. Guthrie talked about the expanding list of AJAX controls that are available to ASP.NET developers. He introduced the option of refactoring ASP.NET controls to be CSS standard compliant.

The Productive Programmer – Neil Ford

Mr. Ford focused on techniques to make developers more productive. I was happy that he recommended Emacs and jEdit as his editors of choice. I began using jEdit last year. The main thrust of his presentation was that developers should learn keyboard shortcuts and avoid using the mouse at all cost. He recommended that any repetitive activity be captured in a macro. He promoted the use of scripting languages such as Ruby, Groovy and Python to parse text. He recommended several tools including cygwin, powershell, sysinternals, resharper, clcl, and Google Desktop.

Ruby on Rails for Java Developers – Rob Stevenson

Mr. Stevenson compared Struts to Ruby on Rails. The similarity was the MVC architecture. Tiles were compared to partials and layouts. He demonstrated the creation of a Ruby on Rails application. The quickness with which he set up a web site and the expressiveness of the Ruby syntax won at least one convert to Ruby on Rails.


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