Enso – Productively Vibrant Thing!

January 26, 2007

After attending the Neil Ford, Productive Programmer session at CODEMASH, I’ve been trying to implement some of Mr. Ford’s advice into my work. I’m trying to learn all of the shortcut keys in all of my favorite applications. I’ve done some research on Cygwin, Emacs (I currently use jedit), etc. I’m trying my best to avoid using the “evil” mouse….enter Enso.

Last night Enso popped up on my radar. The guys at 37Signals gave them a write up yesterday and after some investigation, I decided to give Enso a whirl (30 day free trial).

First, the Humanized website is very nicely crafted. I enjoyed the song choice and the style of the marketing video too. Many of the people who have already met the Humanized crew say they are brilliant. Their profiles are available on the site. Each of the members have impressive backgrounds.

After using Enso for a night and a day, I have to say I like what I see. The elegance of the UI makes me want to shell out the $24.95 to buy the license. I am a big fan of beautifully designed web sites and finely developed UI’s. These guys clearly have talent.

On the other hand my more analytical side wants to perform some due diligence before taking the leap. Many of the replies from the Signal vs. Noise (37Signals Blog) website mentioned Launchy as an open source alternative. After this trial with Enso, I’ll try Launchy.

Due to the great website, UI, story behind the Humanized team and my initial feel for Enso, I’m pulling for Enso. The jury is still out on the productivity gained from using Enso and the value added compared to the Launchy open source alternative.


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