Enso Launcher or Launchy – Who is the Launchiest?

February 1, 2007

For a couple of days now I’ve been using the Enso Launcher application from Humanized. My intention was to trial Enso Launcher for 30 days and then try an open source launcher called Launchy. Well…I couldn’t wait. I downloaded and installed Launchy last night.

Here is my review…

Enso Launcher:
Just by pressing the Caps Lock key (quite intuitive), the transparent Enso Launcher interface comes to the foreground. From that point on the mundane chores of opening, navigating, closing, maximizing and minimizing windows are eased and at your fingertips. Other features include upper case, lower case and a four function calculator (there are many more features). You can also teach Enso commands and launch Google with search arguments.

The main differentiators for Launchy are that you don’t need to put an open command before the application name to open an application. You also don’t need to type an exact string to find an application. You can also navigate the directory structure. It has support for numerous search engines – just type the engine and a query string. Two (configurable but still two keys) simultaneous key presses are required to bring Launchy forward for use.

In the end, both launchers are wonderful. I will buy the Enso Launcher at $19.95 (the price dropped on 2/1) and use Launchy too. Launching applications with Launchy is easier because the string entry is forgiving and there is no need for the open command. Enso Launcher is outstanding at navigating the opened windows and provides extra functionality not included with Launchy. I think the combination of these two applications can and will greatly increase my productivity. Using either or both of these applications makes using the computer more joyful. Everything starts to flow when the software gets out of the way and just lets me work.

P.S. I’d like to thank the Humanized team for the Enso Launcher and Josh Karlin plus contributors for Launchy. You found a pain point and provided relief.


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