RMagick, ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick::Saga

March 20, 2007

Days ago, I decided to install RMagick in my environment with the goal of working with Gruff Graphs for Ruby. Initially I was getting segmentation faults. Something I (sadly I was unable to track this down) did removed that error and then for the longest time I was dealing with an error that involved rmagick.so and libMagick. The error message said that I needed to recompile using -fPIK and also something about not being able to share a file. As I did Google search after Google search, I was able to cobble some background information that helped solve the problem but not the solution to the issue. Unfortunately, I did not save this error message otherwise I would provide it in this post.

I found the solution in this post at the RMagick forum at Ruby Forge. The solution was not to install both GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick because it can confuse RMagick at install time. After reading the post from the RMagick Forum, I uninstalled both GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick. I then reinstalled ImageMagick from source tar ball and finally I successfully installed the RMagick Gem.

These are the more helpful links to get RMagick running:
RMagick FAQ
RMagick Project
ImageMagick Project (or if you prefer GraphicsMagick Project)

and for any issues:
RMagick Forum

Many thanks to Tim Hunter for RMagick and for being so patient and responsive to RMagick users.


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