Book Review – james dyson Against the Odds

June 3, 2007

I must say I truly enjoyed the autobiography of James Dyson. He is the British designer/manufacturer of a line of fast selling, high technology vacuum cleaners.

Dyson makes a point of being different…not for the sake of being different but for the sake of his own convictions. This led him to question conventional paradigms. He embraces the individual as the underdog against the big corporations. He laments the diminution of the inventor versus the power of multinational corporations. He challenged industries that were ingrained in the psychology of culture. He aggressively improved the common wheelbarrow. He has all but conquered the vacuum cleaner market by not only inventing better technology but by making the vacuum cleaner an object of design envy. Now he is giving the common washing machine a design and engineering makeover.

This book is all about design, engineering, business, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. James Dyson seems to brilliantly do well at all of these disciplines. These skills did not come automatically for Mr. Dyson overcame many setbacks and doggedly pursued his goals on his own terms. This book chronicles his ascent to success and also shows how Mr. Dyson’s personality marks his company and his products.

I found this book to be an education and an inspiration. I would recommend it to anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur.


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