Simply Great Scribes Text Editor

September 20, 2007

In my previous posts, I’ve mentioned that my text editor of choice was jEdit. The main reason I chose jEdit was because it is a multi-platform editor, that I could use on windows and Linux machines. It is also very configurable – especially for Ruby/Ruby on Rails development.

For the last few months, I’ve moved on to Scribes. Scribes focuses on providing a great editing experience by keeping things simple and making text editing productive.

Some of the best features are:
Templates/Snippets that allow a user to type just a few characters, hit tab and have the code automatically populated in the file.
Auto-complete for words used more than once in a file.
Numerous shortcut keys.
Moving the editing window around on the screen without the use of the mouse.
Open document browsing and switching
Many more…

To see the editor in action watch the a demo. The creator of the Scribes editor has an opinionated blog. I thoroughly enjoy his design justifications and writing style.


One Response to “Simply Great Scribes Text Editor”

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