Graphical Representation of Search Results at the Columbus Metropolitan Library Web Site

January 2, 2008

Using ruby on rails as the search criteria, I recently performed a catalog search on the Columbus Metropolitan Library web site.

First, the thumbnails of the books next to the book description and other information have an Amazon/Agile Web Development with Rails:Depot Application look and feel. This method shows the product while giving its corresponding information in a concise manner.


Second, the graphic on the left shows the search criteria in the center (ruby on rails) and any number of associations, translations, spelling variations that might be connected with it. For instance if one clicks on a spelling variation link (grails), the grails label moves to the center of the graph and its corresponding associations, translations, spelling variations, etc. then display.


I found this to be a unique way to graphically show the search result and provide other results that may or may not be helpful in providing the customer with the correct search term.

I commend the designer who implemented the redesign of the search result page. I’ve not seen a graphical display like this one that is both helpful and logical.


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